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Fit Well at Alta Star Harbor, California

Why did you choose Fitwel® to achieve your wellness goals:

Alta Star Harbor chose Fitwel® to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, building efficiency and resident’s wellbeing. Alta Star Harbor understands the importance of quality building environments. Fitwel® provided a roadmap to achieve that through healthy building design and operation.

What specific aspects did you implement at this property to achieve certification?

  • Indoor and outdoor fitness spaces within the community
  • Water bottle fillers
  • Nearby public parks, outdoor playgrounds and community gardens
  • Proximity to Alameda bike and walking trails
  • Alta Star Harbor is adjacent to a local marina that allows kayak and paddle boarding.
  • Additional watersports nearby are a 1.3 mile walking distance with windsurfing, paddle boarding and surf rentals.
  • Through digital signage, Alta Star Harbor will encourage residents to do small things like take the stairs when possible as part of their larger self-care strategy, support nearby public use spaces and local small business that focus on health and wellness.
  • Health oriented vending machines will be available for residents along with collocated retail tenants offering freshly prepared foods.
  • Alta Star Harbor’s facility management team will implement an emergency preparedness plan and regularly conduct quality water testing.

    For more information about Alta Star Harbor’s commitment to Fitwel®, please contact our Property Team.
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Healthy Eating

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